Buddyrevelles American Matador

Chicago's the Buddyrevelles are a trio with patience enough to let their majestic rock songs build slowly to the big pay-off. A song like "I Take You in My Car" or "The Voyage" takes a spin back to the glory days of Buffalo Tom's Let Me Come Over, another album full of tracks that had every last ounce of emotion wrung out of them. Well-crafted songwriting and an innate knack for mixing tempos adds additional complexity to these winning songs that lay the groundwork for American Matador's tracks, which include the stunning "PJ" and "Millions Can Be Wrong." It's all so deliberate. With one foot firmly planted in the slowcore deep end, murky waters so finely chartered by the likes of Codeine and Low, and the other splashing enthusiastically in new wave swallow end, which was the playground of Unrest and Joe Jackson, the Buddyrevelles accomplish the impossible - they straddle, but never sink. It's quite a feat to see or, better yet, to hear. (Motorcoat)