Budapest Too Blind to Hear

Unfortunately for Budapest, they have stumbled into the earth-toned, honesty not irony, English navel gazing scene a little to late for their album to have any real meaning. They are ultimately a causality of their own references; letting the progression of the bands they emulate (Travis, Coldplay, Radiohead, Kent) show that their album is more of a love letter to classic albums than an attempt to be classic itself. Luckily, songs such as "Further Away” and "Look You in The Eye” do make it evident that the band have the potential to eventually step into the pigeon-toed shoes of their idols. John Garrison’s vocals are one of the groups more promising features. They provide character to a group of songs that can at times clump together like Neil Gaiman fans at a high school dance. Unfortunately though, Too Blind to Hear ends up being diet pop, just a lesser version of the real thing. (Universal)