Bryan Zentz SevenBreaths

Bryan Zentz’s SevenBreaths is Detroit techno mixed in with some dub and reggae elements. Over the album, he manages to put together break-beats and four-on-the-floor tracks at a variety of speeds and it hangs together quite well. The album starts slowly with the reggae-influenced "Bushido Version” and "Tigerstepperz.” Things pick up quickly after that, with thoroughly modern techno tracks, such as the fun and funky tracks "Down A Path” and "Gatmetal.” Zentz even makes a passing reference to the broken-beat scene with the very jazzy "Asphalt.” But techno’s what this album is really about, and Zentz does it quite well. Tracks like "Jumper” and "Joplin” are seriously funky with good beats and bass lines. Although many of the tracks are upbeat, the album never gets out of control. It’s a good home listen, and many of the tracks are certain to be played in clubs. (Intec)