Bruce Peninsula "Don't Wake the Giant" (video)

Bruce Peninsula 'Don't Wake the Giant' (video)
After first having the music premiered in teen drama Sleeping Giant, Toronto's Bruce Peninsula have unveiled a full-length version of their theme to the film. To celebrate, they've cued up the tune with some youthful visuals.

The band's "Don't Wake the Giant" is a spirited piece full of echoing percussion, thick and hearty Southern choir harmonies, and rustic strums. The video places the tune alongside visuals of kids looking to stave off boredom. You'll see teens in weed leaf-covered tank tops biking by rail yards, popping off fireworks late at night, and taking off on exhilarating, cliff diving adventures.

You can catch the video below, courtesy of Indie 88, while Bruce Peninsula's Sleeping Giant soundtrack is up for grabs now on their Bandcamp page.