Bruce Hornsby Taps Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, Mavis Staples for 'Rehab Reunion'

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Apr 8, 2016

Back when Bon Iver mastermind Justin Vernon was working on what would become his self-titled sophomore LP, he noted that much of the material "sounds like a Bruce Hornsby song." Several years later, it's only fitting to find out that the indie musician is actually appearing on a new album from Hornsby. The veteran singer-songwriter's Rehab Reunion is being released June 17 through 429 Records.

A press release notes that the upcoming album once again finds Hornsby backed by his longtime band, the Noisemakers, but also features extra guests. Vernon sings "falsetto harmony" on the new album's "Over the Rise," which you can stream down below. The record also features a gospel-styled performance from Mavis Staples on "Celestial Railroad."

While Hornsby's career has been marked with plenty of piano work, Rehab Reunion finds him stepping away from the instrument to focus on his singing and on playing the dulcimer. Apparently, he got bored of plunking out melodies on a set of 88 keys, choosing instead to use an "old-timey" instrument.

"I've gotten really bored with triads. I've been that way for years. My piano writing has become more strange, chromatic and dissonant," he explained in a statement. "But on the dulcimer I love the limited palette that you're allowed to paint with. It's just the white notes — it's not even like a guitar, where the whole chromatic scale is on the fret board. On the dulcimer it's just an old-timey instrument. It's just scalar. So it limits your range and it makes you write real simple songs. I kept writing more and more. And all of a sudden the record needed to be made. "

You'll find all of the tracklisting details for Rehab Reunion down below, while info on Hornsby and the Noisemakers summer dates across the U.S. can be found over here.

Rehab Reunion:

1. Over the Rise (ft.Justin Vernon)
2. Soon Enough
3. M.I.A. in M.I.A.M.I.
4. Tipping
5. Rehab Reunion
6. Hey Kafka
7. Tropical Cashmere Sweater
8. TSA Man
9. The Valley Road
10. Celestial Road (ft.Mavis Staples)


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