Wonderfully Nothing

BY Rob BoltonPublished Dec 1, 2003

Brookville is the project of Ivy’s Andy Chase, who has taken time away from the band to start his own label, set up a studio and work on his own songs. As Ivy’s co-producer and co-writer, it’s not surprising that Wonderfully Nothing retains that sultry pop sound, although this album would sound much more at home in a groovy, late-night, smoky bar. Chase is joined by a few interesting guests, including the Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha (with whom Chase co-owns the studio), as well as members of the Gigolo Aunts, Autour de Lucie, and They Might Be Giants. The layered sound of the album was Chase’s intention, and the result is lovely. There are great songs that lie at the root of each track, however they are built upon with layers of soft keyboards, organ, guitars, samples, as well as his soft vocals. Not to take anything away from his voice, but the instrumental tracks on the album are also great — sonically closer to artists like Thievery Corporation or Kruder and Dorfmeister than his previous work. An impressive break-out project and a fine album in its own right.

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