Brokencyde Speak Out About Rape and Child Pornography Hoax

Brokencyde Speak Out About Rape and Child Pornography Hoax
As far as rock'n'roll hoaxes go, this one went too far. Earlier this week, rumours went around that Brokencyde had been arrested on drug, rape and child pornography charges. The rumour then got reported by various websites, with TMZ cited as the source of the news. The actual source turned out to be a fake site, (not .com), which was created by a Canadian student. The band have now spoken out about the false rumour, saying that it "crossed the line."

As the The Gauntlet points out, Brokencyde singer Mikl said, "Usually the rumours about Brokencyde are funny and we can just laugh them off, but this time they've completely crossed the line. To have someone accuse us of such horrendous crimes is upsetting to everyone in the band. The members of Brokencyde have families, brothers, sisters and some of us have children of our own."

He condemned the news sites that reported the news, saying, "I don't understand how such high-profile publications can lower themselves to be no better than those supermarket tabloid rags and publish a story without even a fact check! How would those same reporters feel if someone posted a story calling them a child molester or rapist?"

This isn't the first time that Brokencyde have been the victims of a hoax. Earlier this month, sources claimed that the entire band had died in a bus crash. Comparing the two rumours, multi-instrumentalist Phat J told Noisecreep, "I think us dying was the funnier hoax! They had, like, little pictures and a really good dialogue in the article and tried to make it professional."

Metal Hammer, a British site that published the original rumour, has now written, "Brokencyde were victims of an elaborate hoax." We're not sure that the hoax was that "elaborate," but at least we can put this one to rest.
While Brokencyde are debunking rumours, maybe this would be a good time to admit that their "crunkcore" sound is a hoax too. However, then you'd likely have to deal with Damian Abraham from Fucked Up.

Thanks to The Daily Swarm for the heads-up.