Broken Spindles Fulfilled/Complete

This is the second release by Joel Peterson’s Broken Spindles. Originally the bassist for former lo-fi rock band the Faint, Peterson started the project as a soundtrack to a friend’s video piece. It is not surprising then that both the look and sound of this album are quite arty. Broken Spindles represents a progressive sound in both rock and electronica. Fulfilled/Complete is a fantastic mix of classical, rock and electronica music. "Fall In and Down On” creatively joins video-game-like synth with choppy vocals, creating a sinister sounding song. Through "Practice, Practice, Preach” and "Song No Song” Peterson offers gritty piano sounds. The diversity continues in "Move Away,” where Peterson blends guitars, vocals and drum machines to create a mainstream pop sound. "To Die, For Death” is reminiscent of a Syd Barrett tune, but with an electric twist. And "Italian Wardrobe” is best described as dark and spastic rock. At times mellow, at other times catchy, Fulfilled/Complete is a great release. Broken Spindles will please anyone looking to add a bit of style to their CD collection. (Saddle Creek)