Broke 26 & S

The Broke dish up ten straight-up, standout, no bullshit, tracks of melodic hardcore on this sophomoric release. Imagine a juicy, mouth watering Strike Anywhere/Adolescents sandwich, with a side of political pessimism, and a whole lot of youthful aggression and you’ll have the Broke. This three-piece Sacramento crew on a Canadian label had better be turning heads with this release because far more inferior ones obtain unearned credit, and a band as sincere, powerful, and catchy as the Broke deserve it. Although many bands will claim to possess pounding drumbeats, furious guitar licks, rumbling bass lines, and instantly memorable vocals, the Broke walk the walk and talk the talk. So, if you’re tired of buying the same old shit that everyone else is buying, spend your dollars on one of the best breakout releases of the year and hunt this album down. (Amp)