Brody Dalle 'Diploid Love' (album stream)

Brody Dalle 'Diploid Love' (album stream)
Five years on from Brody Dalle's last release with Spinnerette, the scratchy-voiced punk vet is unveiling her first album under her own name, Diploid Love. Now, the solo artist is sharing all of the LP ahead of its April 29 due date, premiering the record in Canada through

The nine-song set veers around a number of genre sounds, all strung together with the familiar vocals of the former Distillers leader. Opener "Rat Race" flies those cries atop soaring pop rock guitar lines and a booming brass section, which also figures big on the significantly snarlier punk punch-up "Underworld."

We'd previously heard Dalle singing with guest vocalist Shirley Manson on "Meet the Foetus"/"Oh the Joy" and working with sea shanty drum machine beats and swirling, orchestral synth strings on "Parties for Prostitutes."

Elsewhere, the record brings atmospheric guitar work and driving rhythms to "Dressed in Dreams," in which Dalle sings about starting over again, and flirts with a haunting baroque arrangement on "I Don't Need Your Love."

You can sample Dalle's varied debut down below before ANTHEM/Universal puts it in store April 29.