Brodie Brodie

There are detractors who decry artists who throw in everything but the proverbial kitchen sink into their music. They usually call it "unfocused." Christian "Brodie" Stepien does the above and boldly produces an interesting ("Coitus Interuptus"), inspiring ("Neanderthals") and downright irritating ("Oreo Milkshake") album that gives some credence to the fact that his is not a musically myopic affair. A good portion of these songs contains surprising left turns and follies to keep the musically adept interested. Yet it is with his less complex songs that Brodie demonstrates his vital talent. "Neanderthals" and "Dalmeny" are simply structured, but pack a potent punch proving, once again, that simplicity can be the easiest way to the core of what really matters: namely, the stirring of the soul. While the music is sometimes fun and, occasionally, a powerful journey, Brodie would best serve his listeners by cutting out the adolescent goofiness and get hip to the notion that funny musical wankery attracts a disproportionate amount of frat boys. (Ego Trip)