Broadcast's Catalogue Reissued by Warp

Broadcast's Catalogue Reissued by Warp
A series of out-of-print albums from beloved experimental baroque-pop project Broadcast are being brought back onto vinyl this spring via Warp.

A press release explains that the group's back catalogue — most of which has been unavailable on vinyl for a number of years and currently fetching high prices on the resale market — is getting back onto shelves March 9.

The new vinyl pressings are for their 2000 debut The Noise Made by People, 2003's HaHa Sound, 2005's Tender Buttons, 2006's The Future Crayon, 2009's collaborative Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age and early singles compendium Work and Non Work.

All six records can be purchased separately or in a bundle. Pre-orders will come packaged with an eight-page book showcasing album artwork. You'll find out more info over here.

Broadcast's last release was the Berberian Sound Studio soundtrack, completed by the project's James Cargill following the death of vocalist Trish Keenan from pneumonia in 2011.