Bright Bells Break Their Towers

Like slow motion macro photography revealing a kaleidoscope of detail within the smallest of objects and shortest duration, Bright uncover minute ornamentation within the repetitive surfaces of their mantra rock. Duo Mark Dwinell and Joe LaBrecque have been at it for over ten years and have honed their telepathy to facilitate spontaneous yet fully realised directions in music. Like Cul de Sac and Subarachnoid Space, a mild fever of psychedelia mists the angled structures, but Bright mostly ditch the multi-parted time shifting qualities of "freak out” space rock. Instead they choose to work and re-work a surveyed quadrant with the wobbly cyclical motion of a rocking chair on a small craft upon rough seas. The "formula” is embellished at various points with guest players including friends and regular contributors Mike Corey, Jay Dubois and Nate Longcope. The bigger ensemble maintains a minimal approach, such as on "It’s What I Need,” which recalls the cascading works of Steve Reich and Terry Riley. The centre of Bright remains guitar and drums, building sprawling Lego block towers to represent something less square, more chaotic. (Strange Attractors)