Brick Layer Cake Whatchamacallit

A singular entity of schizophrenically minimal yet chaotically coarse music from Todd Trainer, one of the non-Albini guys from Shellac. His mouth is vile and dirty; he cusses and donates his alleyway sociological theories against a sonic backdrop of screeching, droning guitars and sirens of raunchy doom. Although he occasionally comes across as a watered-down, latter-day Iggy Pop, subsequent listens will convince you that he is the true king of swank rock callousness. The most intriguing thing about it all is that it sounds akin to listening to the Melvins or Black Sabbath, but coming from the stereo of someone who lives next door, where only the essentials are heard, that being evil, coarse riffs and the same next door neighbour talking to himself. Whatchamacallit is right. (Touch and Go)