Brews Willis "Sweaty Hands"

Brews Willis 'Sweaty Hands'
Toronto based surf-tinged rockers Brews Willis are gearing up for the release of their upcoming Great Energy EP by teasing fans with a steady stream of track releases. As we work our way up to their official March 27 release date, the trio will be releasing tracks bi-weekly for a limited time download starting with their first track, "Sweaty Hands," right here on Don't put this off: a week after the last release, all the tracks will be taken down again until March 27.

Sticking to the Brews Willis style, "Sweaty Hands" has a summery, beach-ready feel, complete with vocal "oohs" and "ahhs" in the background and a clapping drum beat. People with a soft spot for uptempo, feel-good vibes will definitely be a fan of this playful new track.

Brews Willis will be playing in Toronto next month as part of Canadian Music Week, but in the meantime, get your limited-time preview of "Sweaty Hands," below, and stay tuned to the Brews Willis Soundcloud for the rest of the upcoming releases, starting Saturday (March 2).