Breeze Announces New Album 'Only Up,' Shares Cadence Weapon Collaboration

Beliefs' Josh Korody will release his sophomore solo effort through Hand Drawn Dracula

BY Allie GregoryPublished Jun 30, 2021

Toronto's Breeze — a.k.a. Josh Korody of Beliefs and Nailbiter — has announced a new solo album called Only Up. It's due to arrive on August 26 via Hand Drawn Dracula.

Today, Korody shares his collaborative single with Cadence Weapon, which arrives alongside its own music video. The new song is called "Come Around," and you can hear it below.

Of the track, Korody wrote in a release:

"Come Around" is about someone that has done something horrible and has not shown any accountability or true remorse and the fear they — or have the nerve — to be able to jump back into a community that no longer feels comfortable around them. So, as I'm singing the song I'm picturing performing it live with them walking into the room and making people, especially the people closest to them, extremely uncomfortable and angry.

The lyrics: "Yeah, you really did a number on this one" references the trauma they imposed upon the community. When Rollie (Cadence Weapon) comes in, his lyrical dialogue is a bit more separate, it's more fun but still comes from frustration as well and it quickly takes myself and others out of that dark place with the hope of trying to move on and to enjoy the life we have.

The record also features contributions by Tess Parks, members of Orville Peck's band, TalliesVallensZoonDucks LtdBroken Social SceneBlonde ElvisTOPS and more.

See Justis Krar's video for "Come Around" below, where you'll also find the album's tracklisting. 

Only Up:

1. Intro
2. Come Around
3. Let In In
4. Ecstasy on Keele Street
5. Hard-Boiled Wonderland
6. Our Scene
7. Bummer
8. Release the Pain
9. Don't Cry
10. Only Up

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