Brazilian Girls New York City

In Brazilian Girls’ brief career, they’ve always been a bit schizophrenic when it comes to genres. But for album number three, New York City, the trio have finally taken it a bit too far. Throughout the disc’s 11 tracks, you’re thrown around like a rag doll, repeatedly trying to find your bearings amongst everything from new wave revivals and rocked-out club anthems to lounge-y jazz and carnival jams. Yes, it’s all good for Brazilian Girls to push their artistic boundaries — something they’ve always done — but as a listener, it can be a bit trying, at times. Also, the group’s attempts to show off their multicultural world-savviness feel more contrived than ever on New York City. Prime example: "Internacional,” where the band’s multilingual vocalist Sabina Sciubba rattles off a ridiculously long list of foreign locations for no apparent reason at all. Besides the odd half-decent track, like "St. Petersburg” and "Good Time,” Brazilian Girls are increasingly becoming what you always feared: a novelty act. (Verve)