BY Jessica LewisPublished Aug 10, 2010

It's easy to be startled when an indie band's production quality is so high. Such is the case with Toronto, ON's Bravestation, featuring guys who, get this, have studied musical engineering. In fact, keyboardist Andrew Heppner takes the main credits for this sophomore effort. What Heppner, brothers Devin and Derek Wilson, and Jeremy Rossetti have come up with has already rightfully shaken their city. They're proud to speak out on their love for Foals and the National, and it shows musically. But the songs on this EP are refreshing, instantly grabbing and oh so short. Between jagged guitar lines, cool vocals and a quick, electric-based backing, this four-piece prove they have the potential to establish themselves in no time, as the EP chronicles a collective personal achievement and a potentially bright future.

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