Brandtson Send Us a Signal

It’s not that there’s really anything wrong with Brandtson because they’ve released 12 decent songs and nothing stands out as immediately unlistenable. However, a problem is rooted in just that: nothing stands out. Sure, everything sounds alright, but nothing really induces any excitement and the end result sounds like a very average rock band. Which really seems too bad because through all of Brandtson’s powered up, melodic songs, it seems like there could have been so much more here. Sure, "Mercy Medical” is heartfelt and will certainly win some fans over if it hasn’t already. "Mexico” is another track that might trigger some emotion, but even these tracks seem to only go halfway in their efforts. For an indie act who has spent the last seven years steeped in DIY ethics, generating a substantial discography, Brandtson comes off as a very average sounding band here. Once again, the music’s not bad, just very bland. (Militia Group)