Brand New Sin Brand New Sin

They're from Syracuse and they're on an independent hardcore label but they're probably not straightedge and they have one acoustic ballad-esque song on their album - welcome to the confusing situation of Brand New Sin. This ragamuffin bunch of burly rockers have an unlikely home at Now Or Never Records, as they dish out heavy Southern rock of a stunningly high calibre. The songs are filled with memorable hooks and toe-tapping beats that will keep the party raging all night long, in true classic rock fashion. The vocals are delivered with an excellent world-weary drawl, belted out with a heavy heart. While the beefy production and heavy guitar sound will keep this one away from commercial radio, the songs themselves are blueprints for everything that makes for a good rock song. Those enamoured with COC's current direction or old Skynyrd albums will find Brand New Sin to be an enjoyable experience indeed. Let the good times roll. (Now or Never)