Bran Van 3000


BY Rob WooPublished Jan 23, 2008

Known to friends and fans as BV3K, the Montreal collective have been on an extended hiatus from production with nothing to speak of since 2001. And it has now been ten years since their Juno award-winning debut, Glee, and worldwide hit single "Drinking in L.A.” The same charms and blend of styles are still present, with soulful R&B jams, hip-hop poetry and funky, synthesised grooves filling the album. From the reggae dub fused with French chanson in "House Lights” to the disco beat and wah-wah guitars of "Forever,” the album travels through all combinations imaginable, with short instrumental interludes intermittently to complete the transitions. The diversity of the album reflects the boundless potential of the expanding collective (including Pharcyde’s Fatlip), though the overall vision remains united by James Di Salvio, who heads the project as producer.

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