"Kids Get Grids"

BY Josiah HughesPublished Apr 9, 2015

Emo group Braid refuse to untangle since reuniting, issuing their comeback LP No Coast last year. Today, they're back with more new material via the song "Kids Get Grids."

The song is classic Braid, all busy guitar interplay and moderate drumming with a sing-along chorus. In a statement made to The FADER, the group's Chris Broach explained that the song was born in the studio while the band was testing guitar sounds. 

When producer Will Yip cracked a joke about the tendency to edit rhythms in Protools, saying "kids get grids," that became the name of the song apparently. "The joke turned into a discussion about whether people actually have to be competent at playing their instruments or whether they can just move every note / hit to match a grid in Protools," Broach said.

Listen to "Kids Get Grids" below. The song will appear on a new Braid 7-inch set to arrive on Record Store Day (April 18).

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