Bozo Porno Circus Regenerate

Bam Bamm, Crispy XXX, Ador Charming: these are several of the clowns that make up this circus. Yet another act with the industrial shtick routine — when will it end! Do the music, fine, but leave the tired, over-the-top humour out of it. It’s been done for cryin’ out loud! This one is all about dark, stompy industrial dance with a pervy twist and musically it’s not all bad, but if they’re going for shock value, it’s already been done. "Crank One Off,” the BPC’s ode to onanism, is amusing for the first 30 seconds or so (if you can even make out the sub-octave vocals) but they won’t make anyone’s mouths go agape with its naughty lyrical content. Marilyn Manson attempted that years ago and did it better. And let’s face it, when it comes to pervy industrial, the Genitorturers have already saturated the market of those who care. That said, the programming is what you’d expect from industrial/EBM; danceable, catchy, and rhythm heavy. The vocals are indiscernibly fuzzy so you need to listen to this one with sleeve in hand to fully get it. Don’t look here for anything new but this might be the right CD to slap on at your next fetish party. (ToneZone)