Boyskout Another Life

This EP features a glimpse into the Boyskout demos, and it’s one that any fan of the band will one to get a peek of. Dripping with melancholia and dark smears of guitar whispers, Another Life captures the darker sentiments and inspirations of the San Francisco four-piece. Bringing to mind the edgier elements of songs like "Jesse James” found on their 2004 debut School of Etiquette. Vocalist Leslie Satterfield’s voice reaches an ethereal quality at times before turning around to start oozing bravado and baby doll charm. Tracks from Another Life would sit well alongside early ’80s Cure, as they hold tight to those same brooding, inverted pop sensibilities. Treading somewhere between the delicate and broken and disparaging and tough, Boyskout’s Another Life gives an insightful and significant impression of the band’s darker tendencies that were only partially explored on their full-length debut. Though it might have more blackened edges, it is full of bright moments. (Three Ring)