Boy Robot Rotten Cocktails

Having made the decision to not mess around with any home listening headphone pretensions, this is an album of dance floor happy party music, and clearly benefits from having decided that early on. Opening track "Magic Toys for Girls and Boys” is an off-kilter echo-laden lullaby for machines in what sounds like several different time signatures, but the dancing shoes get strapped on during the second track — a crunchy Sasha-like breaks track. At mid-disc, the well-named "Bass & Booze” somehow pulls off that arpeggio-heavy electro synth sound that should be so tired, having been used to within an inch of its life by a thousand crap neo-electro tarts. "Life In Vanilla” is their equivalent of "Moments In Love” by Art Of Noise, with its "plink plonk” strings, while "Asthmatic Detroit Car” doesn’t need to be good with a title like that, but it is, with a laidback, acidic techno pulse. Closer "Bonjour Frisur” is what UK garage would have sounded like had it been created by Kraftwerk, meaning it’s good! There’s really nothing to fault with this prime pre-clubbing soundtrack material. Oh, and it must be said the graphic design is fantastic. (City Centre Offices)