Box Elders

Alice and Friends

BY Cam LindsayPublished Aug 18, 2009

Pals of Jay Reatard, Omaha, NB's Box Elders have coined the term "cave pop" for their hungry, reverb-drenched rock'n'roll. While to some they may sound like another backwards-looking garage band, Box Elders definitely have something good going with the cavernous echo ringing through their tunes. Alice and Friends is their debut, and while it pays tribute to a lot of the usual idols from the '50s and '60s, they have enough distinction to not get lost amongst like-minded hellraisers the Black Lips or Strange Boys. "Necro," for instance, is a love song about a necrophiliac who just can't get his mind out of the morgue. "Cougars" is a feral ode to both prowling, large cats and older women that uses growling as its hook. And did I mention that drummer Dave Goldberg mans both the drums and the organ at the same time? If that isn't reason alone to listen to them I don't know what is.

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