Bouncing Souls/Anti Flag Bouncing Souls/Anti Flag

This is volume four in BYO's series of split records. With six songs apiece from two of the better known punk acts playing today, you know this will sell a lot of copies. And it deserves to. New Jersey's Bouncing Souls offer up four originals, a cover of Anti-Flag's "That's Youth" and one of Cocksparrer's "We're Coming Back." That fact that most of their fans wouldn't know a Cocksparrer song from a Sex Pistols one isn't important, as the Souls put their inimitable stamp on it. Pittsburgh punks Anti-Flag spit out their six songs in 1977 style, including a Buzzcocks cover, "Ever Fallen In Love," and a Bouncing Souls one, "Freaks, Nerds and Romantics." The liner notes for the Souls were written by Jim Testa, of the long-running zine Jersey Beat, and Nicky Garrett (of the UK Subs) ruminates on the impact of Anti-Flag in his notes. This is something for the rabid fan and casual listener alike. (BYO)