Bouncing Souls to Gather Up Song of the Month Tracks on New LP

Bouncing Souls to Gather Up <i>Song of the Month</i> Tracks on New LP
If you've been keeping up with New Jersey-based punk rockers Bouncing Souls lately, you know they've been celebrating their silver jubilee in style.

Over the course of 2009, the quartet have released a string of songs, one per month, on the Internet. Dubbed the Song of the Month series, it has been a phenomenal hit. Each track showcases the band's ability and proves just why they've been together for a quarter-century.

It's now December and the final release, "Never Say Die/When You're Young," has just been issued, and can be picked up here. The band have described the tune thusly:

"It's a battle-cry for the lifers to keep carrying that torch and burning it bright, but it's also directed at the youngest ears of tomorrow's generation. Find the truth inside, express it and never give up."

The series isn't over just yet though. The songs will now be compiled into a 12-track CD dubbed Ghosts on the Boardwalk, which will be issued by the band's Chunksaah Records. Expect it to be available in early January 2010.