Bottomless Pit

Hammer of the Gods

BY Vish KhannaPublished Jan 28, 2008

Though enveloped in a stern kind of distance and darkness, Bottomless Pit present an alluring debut with Hammer of the Gods. Known for a shared, sharp sense of humour, former Silkworm members Andy Cohen and Tim Midgett have titled this record after an infamous book about Led Zeppelin, a coy reference to their own abstracted, post-punk blues. The songs are anchored by definitive riffs and dynamic progressions that support the building vocal lines, comprised of minimal lyrics conveyed with sung/spoken phrasing. The results are haunting, with Sonic Youth-influenced songs like "Leave the Light On” displaying uncommon grace for an angular rock band. "The Cardinal Movements” could almost be jaunty for its arrangement but a matter-of-fact vocal laced with depressing imagery curbs its enthusiasm. There’s some sad sack Pavement stuff happening in "Human Out of Me” and ghosts lurk within the muscular Shellac groove of "Dead Man’s Blues.” Since the death of Silkworm drummer Michael Dahlquist, fans have been waiting to hear Cohen and Midgett collaborate again, and while Hammer of the Gods is understandably gloomy, it possesses an undeniable charm.
(Comedy Minus One)

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