Born Gold "Lawn Knives" (video)

Born Gold 'Lawn Knives' (video)
Born Gold's live performances might be a flurry of wild visuals, but until today (November 1), the Edmonton electro-pop outfit had never released a music video. Frontman Cecil Frena, who penned the video's plot, sent out the link to their "Lawn Knives" vid via Twitter this afternoon, and you can now check out the clip.

Shot in upstate New York in August, it stars a fresh-faced kid who jacks a row of bibles from a church and flees down a desolate rural road before baptizing another group of young 'uns with a garden hose then starting a grassy brawl.

Watch the video for yourself below.

The band, meanwhile, just wrapped up an exhaustive, months-long tour across Canada and the U.S. to promote their new Bodysong LP, which you can download for free here and stream at the bottom of the page.

Born Gold's hometown CD release party will take place November 3 at the Artery with Jessica Jalbert and Kuhrye-OO, the solo project of the band's Calvin McElroy.

Lawn Knives from Born Gold on Vimeo.

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