Boots / C.C. / Snake & Remus Box

Releases don’t get any more beautifully obscure than this delightfully mysterious box set from Canada’s most consistently psych and mystifying label, HP Cycle. So, the intriguing story goes that a man from the U.S. privately released these three albums over the past few years, in very tiny vinyl editions. Each record came in plain white sleeves, each bearing only a credit to a different "act” (the elusive Boots, C.C., and Snake & Remus). This is all that is known of the man who crafted the deep lonesome folk songs and heavily inducing psychedelic journeys that ram this set full as the sun with musical heat. Comparisons to Jandek are inevitable, but this man crafts where Jandek chops. For further touchstones, think Pearls Before Swine, Simon Finn, or Neil Young’s "The Last Trip to Tulsa.” The three long-form psychedelic or field-recorded instrumentals each record contains, however, bear little or no resemblance to the folk songs running throughout, let alone each other, to further deflect your thoughts from getting dulled by context. All the albums are kept just as the originals were packaged, which means HP Cycle has wrapped this man’s strictly limited vision in a 500-edition boxed set dream, to spread these wonderful vibes a little further still. (Cartel Media)