Boombox Saints Release Debut Album 'For the Moment' as Free Download

Boombox Saints Release Debut Album 'For the Moment' as Free Download
We're used to artists hyping up an album for months before it actually comes out, but Vancouver hip-hop crew Boombox Saints are employing a more whirlwind approach with their debut full-length, For the Moment. The album's worldwide digital release will arrive in less than a week from now, on October 23, but you can already check it out now on

Here's the best part: the band are releasing the album online free of charge. Download it here or stream it below right now.

The 14 tracks were largely produced by DJ Hunt, with DJ Kemo pitching in as co-producer on five cuts. The record was produced between late 2011 and 2012.

In a statement, the group's Freeky P described For the Moment as "a post-modern, modern epic love tale of our collective lives tracked by a new-stalgic soundscape, detailing the joys and falls of relationships in the never ending chase of happiness. In short, walk 14 songs of our lives and you'll forever be changed."

And in case you were wondering about the sneakers on the album cover (above), Boombox's Huggy Fresh explained, "For the Moment is as outside the box as a fresh pair of J's."

For the Moment:

1. Whole World
2. Comin' Back
3. Move On
4. For the Moment
5. Blind ft. Emmalyn Estrada
6. Choreographer
7. 0
8. Walls
9. By My Side ft. Vanessa Villabroza
10. For You ft. Jenilee Reyes
11. Walk on By
12. Peekaboo Style ft. Emmalyn Estrada
13. Can't Be (Interlude)
14. One Last Time

Boombox Saints - For The Moment by BoomboxSaints