Booker's Holiday Spectacular ft. Kashka (Exclaim! TV)

Booker's Holiday Spectacular ft. Kashka (Exclaim! TV)
Since Christmas is so close, we decided to deliver you two episodes of Booker's Holiday Spectacular today; call it an early present. Kat Burns (formerly of Forest City Lovers) and the ladies of Kashka serenaded Booker with some electronic-tinged tunes.

First, the girls take on "Hey Mr. Christmas," a fun tune originally performed by Showaddywaddy. Kashka brings a hint of electro-pop into the song with some programmed synth beats. 

The synths are then turned up in the second video: a performance of "Vichada," Kashka's leading track off their latest album of the same name. 

Tune in next week for the final episode of Booker's Holiday Spectacular featuring Dr. Ew!

Kashka - Hey Mr. Christmas (Booker's Holiday... by ExclaimTV

Kashka - Vichada (Live on Exclaim! TV) by ExclaimTV