Booka Shade Set Up for More!

Booka Shade Set Up for <i>More!</i>
On their last album, 2008's The Sun & The Neon Light, German house duo Booka Shade expanded their palette with more influences. As we put it in our review, the record helped the group "establish themselves beyond the clubs as electronic musicians over dance producers with more developed compositions." Now, with their fourth album on the horizon, we can see where that new direction takes them.

The album is called More!, and sees the pair drop 11 new tracks. According to a press release, Shade member Arno Kammermeier says the album will feature "more refined production, more multi-layered atmospheres, more emotion... The album takes you through every stage of the night out; the excitement before you go out, the party, the late, late night, a bit of paranoia... and then the sunny morning of a new day."

The album will be released on the duo's Get Physical label on May 4 in North America. In the meantime, the track "Regenerate" can be downloaded here, and the video for "Donut" can be streamed below.


1. "Havanna Sex Dwarf"
2. "Donut (Interpretation)"
3. "Regenerate"
4. "The Door"
5. "Teenage Spaceman"
6. "Divine" (ft. Yello)
7. "Scaramanga"
8. "L.A. tely"
9. "Bad Love" (ft. Chelonis R. Jones)
10. "No Difference"
11. "This Is Not Time"