Book Club "I Don't Need to Travel"

Book Club 'I Don't Need to Travel'
Most indie bands make their living by touring, but Atlanta roots-pop outfit Book Club have declared "I Don't Need to Travel" on a newly unveiled track from their upcoming album One-Way Moon.

This folksy ditty features a rustic arrangement of acoustic strums, twangy banjo, sweet piano plinks, and some harmonies and strings. The lyrics reflect on some beautiful holiday destinations, with the frontman Robbie Horlick ultimately deciding that he doesn't feel any inclinations to travel.

Listen for yourself below.

One-Way Moon will be out on February 17 via the Cottage Recording Co./Bear Kids Recordings. It was recorded live in the studio with producer Matt Goldman and showcases a stripped-down sound. But as Horlick explained in a statement, "We're not chasing any sound. We're being true to what comes out of us. Hopefully that strikes a chord."

You can pre-order it here.