Bonjay "Creepin" (video)

Bonjay 'Creepin' (video)
Toronto, ON-based electro/dancehall unit Bonjay released their Broughtupsy EP in Canada last year and now they're taking the release to the UK. On June 6, a single featuring a pair of Broughtupsy tracks will drop on One Bird Records, spurring the duo to release a new vid for "Creepin."

The video features edited footage from Bill Mason's 1972 Cry of the Wild documentary, which was made for the National Film Board of Canada. You can watch the "didn't see that coming" pairing below.

The One Bird Records single will feature "Creepin," as well as the Broughtupsy track "Stumble."

Bonjay - Creepin from Bonjay on Vimeo.