Bonds Not A Phase

There's nothing new about younger hardcore bands paying homage to the legends by biting their style, every band has done that to some extent in the beginning. But with the Bonds (and bands like them), the fact that they haven't had to work out their material through numerous demos and comp tracks like in the ’80s leaves their sound very bland and cookie-cutter sounding. This CD turns out to be as cliché as their CD title ( other favs: Taking it Back, True Till Death...) Little to no personality comes through in the songs and while the band plays the old school style ok, the vocals are simply limp and uninspired for a "hardcore" CD. This is the end result of too many labels putting out CDs for the sake of it and not waiting for bands to mature or develop. Always be weary of hardcore bands who all wear old ’80s band shirts in photos! (Tuned to You)