Let Your Conspiracy Theories Run Wild: Bon Iver Shares Cryptic "22" Video

Let Your Conspiracy Theories Run Wild: Bon Iver Shares Cryptic '22' Video
The long wait for new music from Bon Iver is almost over, with the band set to perform new tunes at next month's Eaux Claires Festival in Wisconsin. Now, a teaser video posted through the Justin Vernon-led folk/pop project's socials is somewhat cryptically plugging that there's 22 days to go before something surfaces.

A video posted through Bon Iver's Facebook page today (July 22) mixes together a series of scribbly images, geometric tableaux and more with some unidentified sounds. This comes packaged with the hashtagged message: "#22days."

The Bon Iver Facebook page has also updated its profile picture with a similar image, which presents an interlocked "22," a possibly scripture-tied message of "2:22," and the words "almighty" and "over soon." If you look closely, you'll notice that the word "math" is inscribed in the image too.

Contextualizing this a bit, Vernon had previously revealed that Bon Iver will be debuting new material at Eaux Claires.

With the fest starting on August 12, it could be worth noting that this is 22 days from now. It's also kind of weird that today is, in fact, the 22nd of July. Do you want to go full-on weirdo with the coincidences? Well, lets ponder for a second that "V," as in Vernon, is the 22nd letter of the Roman alphabet.

And, while there's certainly a number of books to scan, Daniel 2:22 seems mighty (or almighty) appropriate for a guy about to reveal some spankin' new tunes: "He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him." If only Vernon's middle name was Daniel, and not DeYarmond.

To be fair, all we know right now is that the band are playing new music at the Wisconsin festival next month, but there could be more in store for us than we think.

Bon Iver has not issued a full-length release since 2011's Grammy winning, self-titled sophomore LP.