Bombs Over Providence Liberty's Ugly Best Friend

Well it's about time a hoser-core record that addresses home-grown issues came along. While most of the punk released by our own bands is either of the melodic-aggressive persuasion, the leather-clad retro style or complicated emo-rock mathematics, no band since Propagandhi has really tackled issues relevant to their immediate fans. Brampton's Bombs Over Providence — who do not advocate air attacks on Rhode Island — not only write about what they know (Southern Ontario and the politics of the Conservative government), they expand on the inherent themes to make relevant comments about the state of Western civilisation in general. But these guys are about more than message. With a scruffy four-chord melodic-aggressive sound and double-time vocal chatter that recalls Leatherface, Dillinger Four and Hot Water Music, their songs skip and surge with head-bobbing irresistibility. If there's been a better pure punk record released by a Canadian band this year, I haven't heard it because this right here is the real shit, yo. Crank it and learn! (Underground Operations)