Bodies Firepower is Our Business

Why is it that good street punk often comes from some of the most pathetic and nationalistic machismo bands? Musically, the Bodies are outstanding and they know how to write some of the catchiest punk rock on the block. Sure, they’re not performing anything innovative, but they’re reminiscent of early Youth Brigade, which is a big plus. Unfortunately their lyrical department is anything but appealing and is highly reflective of redneck America. The songs "Street Trooper” and "Justice” take a Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver approach at putting on some shit-kicking boots to cleanse America of its scum. Where as "Fly the Flag” pays homage to every American who doesn’t know why they’re off killing people in foreign lands for the red, white and blue, but they enjoy doing it anyway. Love it or leave it, the Bodies are here if you need an anthem to your clueless existence. (TKO)