Bobby Teens Fast Livin & Rock N Roll

Fifteen two-minute slabs of sleazy trash rock. With a mostly female band the obvious comparisons are the Go-Go’s, Bangles and Runaways. They’re not as frantic, but they do have the same so stupid it’s sublime bubblegum simplicity as the Ramones. You can toss some solo Joan Jett and ’70s glam into the punk rock roots too. Featuring former members of the Trash Women, Spastics and Phantom Surfers they’re raw, sloppy and a tad amateurish at times, but make up for any technical flaws with passion and grit. “Hot City Boy” has a crunchy riff that’s equal parts Move and Nick Gilder and “Almost 17” and “Backseat Lover” are trés Ramonesy. They make great use of the “Brown Sugar” chorus in “Rock N Roll Show.” Stupid but fun. (Estrus)