Bobby Love "Make Cents" (with Jazz Cartier)

Bobby Love 'Make Cents' (with Jazz Cartier)
Toronto-based DJ and producer Bobby Love is currently finishing work on an upcoming EP, but before the more in-depth release arrives, you can listen to his latest single "Make Cents."
Love may currently be fixated on electronic-leaning music, but his first love was hip-hop, so it only makes sense that he's used vocals from burgeoning Toronto rap talent Jazz Cartier for the new track. "Make Cents" hears Love merging the worlds of rap and dance music seamlessly, opening with a big, bright beat before Cartier's manipulated vocals kick in.
"I started out producing hip-hop well before I got into electronic music, so when the opportunity arose to work with a rapper I was beyond stoked," Love tells Exclaim! "Already a fan of Jazz Cartier's music, I was very excited to make this collaboration happen. I immediately knew what to do with the vocal. My goal was to create a genre bending hard-hitting club track that really encompassed my taste in music. This song is a great example of how hip-hop and electronic music don't need to be mutually exclusive."
You can hear him put that hypothesis to the test by listening to "Make Cents" below.