Bob Sinclar Western Dream

It’s been hard to avoid the massive single "Love Generation,” a number one smash almost everywhere in Europe and tipped to blow up in North America with its poppy dance style. The official song of the World Cup features the current Wailers front-man on vocals continuing to spread the message of one love and unity started by his late predecessor. Whether the success of the single with its addictive guitar hook and carefree whistling will transfer over to the album is debatable. There are some strange combinations of genres that the French super producer has imposed upon like "Rock This Party,” which sounds like the offspring of Fatman Scoop and C&C Music Factory, or the equally reprehensible "Everybody Movin’.” Although it is a commendable effort at more accessible dance music, the more sensitive pieces are a better fit for Sinclar with "Amora, Amor” and "World, Hold On” standing out. After you get rid of the bad taste left by several bad dance tracks you hear the music as the simple party tunes they were intended to be. (Yellow Productions)