Bob Sinclair / Various Live at the Playboy Mansion

World-renowned DJ extraordinaire Bob Sinclair gives us a peek into the world of supposed non-stop parties and beautiful people with Bob Sinclair Live at the Playboy Mansion. The double album is brimming with energy and Sinclair’s unmistakable handle on funk and disco — electro-fuelled party disco that is. No joke — you can absolutely envision Hef and the bunnies getting down, perhaps doing the hustle, while this is spinning. The album is a throwback to the last three decades, with original tracks from the likes of Junior Jack ("See you Dancin’”), Nassau ("Fifth of Beethoven”) and Machine ("There but for the Grace of God Go I”). The second disc even kicks off with a string of old school dance and disco anthems like "The Hustle” by Van McCoy and "Here Comes That Sound” by Love De Luxe. Of course, Sinclair throws in a few of his tracks ("I Wanna Go Bang,” "Kiss My Eyes”) so as not to disappoint. (Defected)