Bob Dylan's Childhood Home Bought by Superfan

Bob Dylan's Childhood Home Bought by Superfan
While some childhood homes of music stars get repurposed or parted out entirely, fans have also been known to try turning them into museums to pay homage to past tenants. Now, a Bob Dylan superfan is looking to do the same with the songwriter's old Minnesota dwelling.

As the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports, Dylan devotee Bill Pagel — a pharmacist in his late 70s who also runs Dylan fan site — has purchased the two-storey, three-bedroom house in Hibbing, MN, where the songwriting icon lived from 1948 to 1959.

Pagel purchased the 1,600-square-foot home, built in 1939, from Gregg and Donna French, who had owned the property since 1990. According to real estate website, the house was valued at $84,000. The Star Tribune notes that Dylan's mother sold the house in 1967.

Pagel's superfan status is only bolstered by the fact that he also owns a second childhood home of Dylan's in Duluth, MN, where the songwriter spent his first six years. Pagel purchased that property on eBay for $82,000 USD in 2001 and hopes to turn both into museums.

"I'm trying to locate another collector who purchased many pieces of the original furniture, including Bob Dylan's bedroom set, from the Hibbing home in 1988," Pagel said in a statement. "I would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have a lead in locating this person."