Boards of Canada "Jacquard Causeway" / "Gemini" / "White Cyclosa" (from desert listening party)

Boards of Canada 'Jacquard Causeway' / 'Gemini' / 'White Cyclosa' (from desert listening party)
Yesterday (May 27), Scottish IDM kings Boards of Canada continued their hype campaign in support of the upcoming Tomorrow's Harvest by streaming whole whole thing for fans at Lake Dolores Waterpark in California. Now, footage of some of the songs has hit the web.

FACT notes that fans were permitted to record the first four songs. This includes the already revealed "Reach for the Dead," plus three more tunes: "Jacquard Causeway," "Gemini" and "White Cyclosa."

You can check out lo-fi recordings of those three new tracks below. This obviously isn't the sumptuous headphone listening experience you've probably come to expect from Boards of Canada, but these rough recordings will give you the general idea while we wait for the proper album to arrive.

Tomorrow's Harvest drops on June 11 via Warp.