Boards of Canada

"Reach for the Dead"

> > May 23 2013

Boards of Canada - "Reach for the Dead"
By Brock ThiessenFinally it's here: our first proper taste of Boards of Canada's Tomorrow's Harvest. After much lead-up, you can now listen to the album's "Reach for the Dead."

Much like you'd expect, the track takes a sombre route, hitting those BoC touchstones while adding a whole new layer of updated and wicked-eerie atmospherics to the mix.

Expand your mind below. As previously reported, Tomorrow's Harvest will be available on June 11 via Warp.

UPDATE: You can also now check out a video for the track "Reach for the Dead."

UPDATE 2: For a bit of fun, you can also now stream the song backwards.

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This is top notch.. Seriously. Great track.
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