BNX & Walters Zimpala Mix

On his first album, Mondo Globo, DJ BNX displayed his amazing talent for making music through the cut & paste method of sampling, but with a penchant for hiding the scotch tape marks. With label-partner Walters, he brings these artful traits to the Zimpala Mix — a non-stop session of more danceable, more African, selections. The disc begins on a chilled-out, heady tempo. "Benjia Part 1" drops a hard bop break-beat with oceanic force and punctuates it with the sound of a man screaming. "Doo You Bop" has delightfully bossa feel, featuring the vocals of an unidentified woman who sounds a lot like Monday Michiru. The more exciting stuff, however, lies in the Philly-style funk mix of six tracks that grooves with different upbeat drum breaks throughout the middle part of the disc. The set moves with the grind of a ‘70s car-chase theme, but it's sweet enough to makes you want to get of the vehicle and just dance. Zimpala Mix closes with the drum & bass tempos of "Malacapao" and the house-y numbers, "Kate" and "Mondo Bossa," but their contemporary flavours sound extremely mechanical compared to the organic energy and earthy tones of the rest of the album. (Fantomas)