BlueScreen In Between Worlds

Two years after their self-titled EP, this Toronto ambient/shoegazer pop quartet give us their first full-length. While seven of the ten songs are material from their previous two EPs, it is a collection of their best work and should give them the wider exposure they have been working towards for four years. Luscious, rich guitars and layers of densely melodic sound are the backdrop to the ethereal vocals of Delphine Roussel. Her signature voice glides above the music and is powerful and clear enough to sustain note after soaring note without but a waver. Both melancholy and beautiful at the same time, listening to this disc gives the impression of floating in a daydream. The minor chord darkness of the new songs "Anon” and "Turn to Grey” takes the band into more gothic territory with David Bradfield’s Cure sounding guitars and thumping percussion. If, like me, you take comfort in effects pedals and mourn the passing of the beloved Cocteau Twins, this disc may well help fill that void. (Independent)