Blue Six Aquarian Angel

The latest release by Jay Denes of Naked Music NYC (aka Blue Six) is Aquarian Angel. His romantic, immaculate down-tempo would make good café music, or tracks to close down a bumpin’ night. Beautiful Tomorrow (2004), Blue Six’s first record, made a splash with its funky down-tempo rhythmic style. And while Aquarian Angel has taken a less funky R&B route and more the soft, ambient path, if you like spaced-out soul music, this is a good representation of that flavour. Each song on this album has a highly individual feel and that Denes remixes for Sade is no surprise. For all the positive points, however, it can still feel like a bit of a snore. But even so, the vocals of the album (from Aya, Catherine Russell, and Lisa Shaw) keep Aquarian Angel alive and balanced. This record is solid and likely of the sort to offer new feelings with every listen. (Naked)